Sunday, 30 September 2012

Promotional Material.

As a link to my lunar landing conspiracy work for 'a history of...' I have decided to promote the event of trips to the moon. I think this is exciting because it is a real life event that can be happening as early as 2015, at a extravagant price of £10million per ticket.

Here is a selection of typefaces that I have selected as options to be used within these pieces.
As the word 'moon' is going to be the focus of the composition I wanted to make sure the font I picked was bold and would have the desired impact, all of the options are uppercase which I think helps this. From the start I think they could all be possibilities and I'll have to see how each fits into my designs. The 'to the' I wanted to be mere subtle, therefore I picked all sans serif styles. Finally I opted for a script look for 'and back' I think it will help to balance out the other choices.

After some experimentation I decided that this was the most successful type selection, I also think the scales and composition works too. I would like to use this as the main logo/branding icon across the three promotional pieces. I think it will work well as I think the popular saying will help to grab peoples attention. It is also quite out of the ordinary which would take the audience by surprise.

From this basic design I have now created my three designs. I think I have been successful in making them work as a set as the style definitely continues on. I wanted to link my design choices with my summer brief so I chose the same white on grey colour scheme paired with the textured surface. The new aspects I have added are the fluid line circling the moon, emphasising the journey around it and as mentioned before the new type style. I like this look as it is simplistic yet still carries the meaning of what it's promoting. On the poster I have included limited information as I didn't want it to crowded so the main focus could be on the idea and imagery. More is explained on the flyer, including important points and a website to gain more information. The ticket was my chosen idea, which along with it also has a foldable cover to keep it safe.

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