Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It's Your Choice Poster Creation.

These are the processes that I went through in order to create my final designs. I started by experimenting with some typefaces to find the most suitable that fit best within the composition I had designed previously. After this process I chose Bebas.

I then added my imagery into the composition. I played around with size, stroke width and positioning within the composition.

I then finalised the layout by using rulers, guides and grids to get the correct and accurate positioning to give a balanced appearance.

Colour was next to be experimented with, I changed both the text and image to different tones. I feel the type looks less harsh in a more subtle grey and the heart gives more of an appearance of a diamond in the light blue, it also gives a contrast.

Next I repeated both levels and and slightly off-alligned them to give a three dimensional look. I then altered the opacity which I think gives an interesting effect.

Finally I added some lines to the top and bottom of the poster to frame the composition. I have also shown how each piece will be viewed separately as well as when both combined.

With the second poster I started by creating some of the image as how the text is positioned is reliant on how it fits within it. After doing this I experimented with the font being different sizes and placed in different areas.

I then completed the image and finalised where the text was going to be and applied the off alined duplicate of type to match the look of the previous poster.

Afterwards I added colour to the imagery and duplicated it in a similar style that I had done with the text.

These are the final compositions of this specific poster where you can also see how they would work as a separate piece.

With the final poster I started with the type, immediately aligning it to what I had drew in my initial design and applying the same effect from the previous pieces.

I then inserted my imagery and applied the appropriate colours. After deciding I duplicated it and repeated the off centre positioning.

After changing the colour of the strips I experimented with a few different compositions. Sometimes only altering it subtly to get the most effective appearance.

Here are the final resolutions of this poster, along with the supporting separations.

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