Thursday, 8 December 2011

How To... Design Development.

As a group we decided to go with Ste's main design, here are some things that he put together...

We really liked these pixelated icons as we felt they would work well with conveying information on the how to. It also would appeal well to our target audience of students with gaming culture etc.

Here is a poster Ste made as instructions for growing chillies. The steps are brief and simple to make it easy to understand and to keep the attention of the viewer as I don't think the average student would be as interested in a long winded approach.

Here are some information graphics created to fit into the cocktail recipe book, I think they work well as a visual representation as it is easy to gather the needed information from a glance.

Here is the completed aspects of the cocktail book. I think all the icons Ste made are really successful and really work well to convey the personalities of the drink.

I then worked on creating some pieces for our pack...

Here are some initial designs that I put together first of all, I like the separate images that fit with the rules of the game, but I don't like the lists as I feel they don't fit within the composition.

I developed the previous designs to make these pages for the drinking games cards, I used the current icons, colour schemes and chosen type to create images that fit with the theme. I feel they work a lot better now the layout is a lot more successful and I like the continued look across the range.

Finally I created this belly band to be used on the pack itself and for the playing cards.

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