Tuesday, 6 December 2011

How To... Logo Experiments.

Here is my original logo design, I really like the structure and I think there is a good balance with the type sizes which gives a good sense of priority. Although I think the colour needs to be altered as I feel it looks to much like something for an Italian restaurant or on a christmas theme. 

I have now changed to an orange, I feel this is more successful because of the connotations with heat.

I have now created some imagery to include. I tried to keep it as simple as possible to fit with the icon theme and to ensure that it wasn't to distracting to the text. I need to experiments with different layouts as I don't like how the chilli goes through the smallest of the text as I think it compromises readability.

I thought it might look better with the image completely separate from the text, although now I think it appears a bit disjointed. Also with how it is positioned it now looks a little top heavy and unbalanced.

Now I have done this arrangement which I think is the most successful. I like how it is being incorporated with the text and still not affecting the communication.

Finally, I have altered my caption type. I feel these looks a lot better aesthetically as it is easier to read and looks better as a composition.

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