Friday, 2 December 2011

How To... Net Experiments.

Here are some nets created by Tanida, exploring possible ways to present out product...
Net 1:
This idea is based on creating a space to grow vegetables as well as a vessel for containing the needed items. I like this idea, but I think if we were to use it we would have to look into stocks to ensure that it was strong enough and also be able to hold soil without disintegrating.
Net 2:
Net 3:
  Net 4:
These next three nets are of similar structure, just with alternative ways of sealing. I think Net 3 has a very professional appearance, although I really like the idea of having a belly band like in 2 and 4. Out of these I prefer Net 4 as I like how the box has retained its shape giving it a more crisp look. We will just have to ensure that the items inside are big enough so that they can't slip out.

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