Friday, 30 September 2011

Alphabet Soup Development.

Here are some textures that I have drawn to help develop some ideas for my final designs...

This idea is about not the letter being condensed but the shapes that create the letter being so, so that they form the shape. My least favourite is the stripes because I feel that it is less interesting than the others. I really like the triangle design but I think that it could be quite hard to recreate and form the shape I want. Finally is the squares, I think this is what I will use because I like the pattern it creates and think it will look good on a larger scale.

Next are my condensation bubble illustrations, inspired by the imagery I found on the internet. I really    like the white sample but I think I will do the black one so it fits more with the collection of other letters.

Here are some circle experiments that  will use for my design showing the process of gas turning to liquid. I think I will have to incorporate it into my letter shape before I decide what size to use, but I think it most likely going to be one of the smaller ones.

Lastly is my condensation drips I think these would look really successful coming off of the letter like in my photography research.

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