Monday, 19 September 2011

Summer Brief.

Today everyone presented their summer project to their blog groups. It was really interesting to see what everyone came up with as everyone's style of work was really different. I also found it a helpful way of getting to know the people in my group better.
Here are a few examples of my work...

I included both the full and letter version so the information could still be read. I think it has been successful because I feel it shows my style of work whilst still informing the audience with facts.

Our group then made a list of similarities that appeared in our projects and they are...

1. Mostly digital.
2. Mostly white backgrounds.
3. Most have themes.
4. Mostly capital letters.
5. They all followed the breif of 10x10cm
6. They show a range of ideas.
7. Colourful.
8. Some include hand rendered aspects.
9. All legible.
10. All seperate alphabets work well as a set.

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