Friday, 30 September 2011

Alphabet Soup Final Letters.

Here are my final designs...

This is my first finished letter I think that it follows the conventions of condensed the best as it is the one that looks the most like current typefaces. I like the bold appearance and clean lines.

This design is the opposite of the one above, I don't like it as much as I feel it sacrifices readability to fit in with the theme. Although this was one of letters that got chosen by the group that critted our work as their final five as they thought it was the one that portrayed 'condensed' the best.

I really like this design because of the simplicity and the pattern that has been created by the surrounding lines. I also think it portrays an object being condensed inside something really well.

This idea follows the theme well too. I think it is interesting how altering the form in this way has created a new and interesting typeface, with a design that could be applied to other letters.

This is one of my favourite examples as I really like the overall look and the concept behind it. This is also another letter that was chosen by our crit group as they liked how the letter was still visible even without including a solid outline.

This design is another that I really like, I think this is because of the stylistic appearance with the bubbles and again how the letter has been created without using an outline.

I like the concept behind this letter. I think that the bold, simple letter looks good with drip design feature and creates a realistic and impressive overall look.

This example took the longest to create as it involved lots of tracing and detailed colouring. I was worth putting the effort in though as I really like how all the boxes fit together.

I think this is one of the designs that could be maybe hard to understand with the back up explanation. as it could be hard to tell that the added flourishes are being removed, therefore condensing it tom make more simple.

Finally I think this design is another that might need more explanation. To begin I experimented with making it shorter by cutting off the top and leaving it like that, although I found that it looked more like a 'h', this is why I included the top and just reversed it as a design feature.

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