Thursday, 6 October 2011

Alphabet Soup Typeface Initial Ideas.

On Monday we got another follow up brief in the Alphabet Soup series. I am quite excited by it because creating a typeface is something that I have wanted to do. Here is the breif and partner questionaire...

After reading through the questionaire I selected five words that I thought summed up the answers Kate, my parter, gave. I then looked in the theasaurus to find words that related to them to help with my inspiration...
  1. Travels - Journey, progress, movement, passage, navigate.
I chose this word after reading that the most expensive thing she bought was an inter rail ticket and that she was happiest in holiday.

    2. Sentimental - Nostalgic, emotional, personal, dreamy, sweet.

This was chosen because of wanting to travel back in time, bring back The Beatles and for having a strong connection with her locket.

    3. Worrier - Anxious, nervous, tense, concerned, doubt.

This word choice is quite self explanatory, from the answer that she doesn't like that she 'worries about stupid things'.

    4. Sun-Seeker - Radient, clear, bright, rays, positive.

I chose this word because Kate answered that she would like to live somewhere hot.

    5. Coffee - Caffeine, stimulating, buzz, stong, brown.

Her favourite smell.

Here are some initial drawings that I have done. Some are based solely on one word and others incorporate two of the chosen words together...

These letters are based on the word 'travels.' The first follows the theme of a passage, the second a journey from one place to another and the last is based around the structure of a compass.

These designs follow the 'sentimental' idea. The first letter is aimed towards being emotional, therefore why it is in a tear drop shape. The next I have drawn with a handwritten look as I believe it is something very personal like many sentimental items.

Here are my designs that follow the 'worrier' theme. The first I have tried to convey 'shaking with nerves' and the other looks at doubt, like when you cross and rub things out when unsure what to do.

These letters are for 'sun seeker.' The first for sun rays and the next is for radient.

The last word was 'coffee' so in this letter I have tried to make the letter quite strong with the caffeine buzz symbolised around the outside.

Finally here are my combined designs. The first brings together sentimental, travel and sunseeker, I don't like the end result because I don't feel it is very legible. I much prefer my next design which incorporates travel and sun seeker, I like the use of line in varying thicknesses and direction.

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