Monday, 24 October 2011

Proverbally Yours Design Development.

I have no progressed with my idea and have moved on from the tree onto the love between people who are apart. I have thought about what would be the best way to represent this and have now come up with some ideas...

This was my design for the poster with just image. I have tried to convey the fact that the two figures are separate from each other with the use of contrasting colour. I have also removed the hearts to symbolise that they are incomplete. I think the use of icons works well as they are easily recognisable and create impact with their simplicity. 

 These designs are for my type poster. Although I have entered any type in yet I have created these to help show how it will be laid out within the composition. I am planning on hand rendering it so it fits within the shape I have made. I made the first image to mirror my image design with vertical separation, although I think this will work well within my set I think it could be difficult to fit type into the smaller shapes and it will also be less legible. This then led me onto my second design, I like how there is more space but I feel like it could easily be interpreted as a landscape poster rather than being kept verticle. Finally I did my last design which I think solves the previous problem. I also love the interesting shape that they make.

Here are my compined type and image. As of yet they are all just developments of the progression of the image as until I have my type I'm unsure of how it will work within the space. The first example here is the most simple and just shows the figures reuniting. I then moved on from this as I wanted to portray the love between them more. First of all I added the white outline of a heart that is in contrast from before, filled in. I did this to symbolise that now the characters are back together their heart has grown. Finally I experimented with using the hearts as eyes, as if the figures are 'blinded by love.'

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