Monday, 10 October 2011

Alphabet Soup Typeface Layout Experiments.

In response to an idea mentioned in my crit I have decided to experiment with bringing the layout of my typefaces close together to form a pattern. I really like this idea and I think it has turned out successfully. Here are the few experiments that led to me making my decision...

This was my first experiment, it was based on the first full alphabet that I drew out. After doing this though it became apparent that there is a few problems with this approach as having the letters different widths doesn't look right when you view it in a group. Eventhough I like having the wide circular letters and others running down the verticle line they don't work well together so this is something I will have to address.

Next I drew out this design I really like how the circular structures mirror the form of a compass very well and look good next to the other letters that have now been made a similar size.

Finally I drew out this style. I really love the aesthetics of these letters and I think they look good together as a typeface, but eventhough I still think I will use the previous design as I think carrying on the compass theme is more important in this case.

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