Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Goji Pattern Designs.

I have decided to go with my bird theme, so as an initial part of my pattern design I have drawn out these bird illustrations. I think this will be a good start in putting things together, although at the moment I'm unsure of how it will all go.

I then moved on to experimenting with colour, although I felt with the block colour it looked a bit intense, especially with the garish colours and with the pastel tones, a washed out effect. Because of how unsure I was with this style of applying colour I also looked into a more linear effect, although I'm still unconvinced with how effective this is also.

As I couldn't come up with a decision for the colour I carried on to focus with the overall layout of the design. I soon concluded that I would like other aspects incorporated into the composition like flowers to break up the layout slightly. I have carried on the tropical theme with the floral examples I have chosen and I soon settled with this linear style, I like how the pieces fit together but there is still development needed from this stage

I then moved on to experimenting with colour again. First of all by highlighting certain areas as suggested in my crit, I don't think the monochrome colours I used with this really did my design any justice though. I then moved onto to some more tropical tones, I was happier with the colour but I still felt the black outline didn't work that successfully. Next I continued with the colour theme but removed the background colour and the dark outline. I like the use of varying tones on the last example and the contrast of stroke thickness. 

I have applied my favoured colour design onto my larger pattern, I am very happy with the result but I still think it could be pushed further. As with the white areas of the illustrations and the background I feel there is too much white space.

Here is my final development. I feel the incorporated linear shapes really work well in breaking up the composition.

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