Saturday, 1 December 2012

Design for Web Final Screen Shots.

These are the final screen shots for my completed 'To the Moon and Back' website. I am really surprised with how easily it has come together and how quickly I picked up the basic ropes from initially knowing nothing at all. I came up against a few problems along though, but they were easily sorted with some help.  I now feel confident that I could code a basic website similar to this again.
The overall design of my site has gone through a lot of development to ensure that the content and theme work cohesively together. Although the initial idea of having a circular content was quirky I believe that this works a lot more successfully in terms of readability and aesthetics.
I am really happy with the complete look and I think the illustrations work well and add more interest to the content. I think this also broadens the audience as it has the factual information and the illustrations add a fun twist for younger people. The site is also very interactive, regarding the facts and gallery pages. These were harder to create but I am pleased that I took the time as I think it has been beneficial.





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