Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Design for Web Creating my Website.

  • creating basic web page

  • creating basic css

  • linking stylesheet.css to index.html 

  • specifying font size and colour

  • creating page boundaries and navigation, centring and linking with index.html

  • creating columns, linking and positioning

  • centring container


  • separating navigation with rows and columns and adding rollover links

  • adding title image

  • changing content layout for facts.html

  • changing background colour

  • removing other background colours

  • adding background image

  • adding Lightbox code and images with thumbnails to gallery.html and creating css to tell them where to be placed

  • creating rows and columns for facts.html navigation

  • adding addition .html pages for the 'facts' section

  • adding rollover buttons

  • centring buttons

  • adding images to 'facts' pages

  • adding content to index.html

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