Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Design for Print Final Crit.

My feedback:

I was extremely happy with the feedback that I got today as it was really positive and also gave some really relevant improvements. Seeing how stressed I was not long ago about not liking my designs and changing the look to what I have now, it is reassuring to hear that it was the right choice. One thing that I hadn't considered was changing my front cover design but after reading my feedback this is something I am definitely going to do. I hadn't noticed before that it doesn't fit with the aesthetic of the rest of the publication, but it is now really obvious. I will also experiment with ways of distinguishing my chapters as this is also something that has came up.

Action plan:
  • re-design front cover to be more consistent with the rest of the publication
  • experiment with different coloured chapters and other ways to distinguish them
  • look at page numbers
  • check 'widows'

Common group feedback:
  • good research
  • contents pages
  • page numbers
  • basic type skills - hyphenation, widows, hierarchies 
  • proof reading - americanisms, spell check
  • line spacing

Design Boards
  • less words
  • no long explanations
  • 4 lines maximum
  • describe format and placement

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