Saturday, 24 November 2012

Design for Print Final Developments.

Re-designing front cover:

One of the main points brought up during my final crit was that I should consider re-designing my front cover, so that it fit better aesthetically with the rest of my publication. I have taken this into consideration and have done this. I have continued with my cyan and grey colour scheme and I really wanted something that fit with my square format. I decided to use this overlaid effect as I think it works well on my contents page and would work cohesively as the reader turned the page. Event hough the words have been split up it is still legible due to the use of colour. I am now much happier with this and I think the simplified look is much more successful.

Correcting widows:

I had never really heard of widows before this crit, so I hadn't considered changing anything before. Although I now know about it so I have added in some extra words to rectify it.

Colour experiments:

Another thing that was suggested was to experiment using different colours to give the chapters a more individual look. I have done this but I still think I will continue using my all blue theme. I think the red works really successfully and if I were to create a book to compliment the one I have already done I would consider making it all this colour, but I don't feel the others work as well. I also don't like the look of having different colours throughout the same book as I think it looks less classy as some of the colours jar together making for uncomfortable reading.

Final Publication:

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