Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Responsive Workshop Two - Brief Proposal.

Ten steps to writing persuasive project proposals:
  1. Set clear aims and objectives
    • overall aims/specific aims - things you're going to change (behaviour/thinking/buying habits)
    • objectives - methods you're going to use to achieve your aims
  2. Be smart
    • specific - detail exactly what needs to be done
    • measurable - achievements can be measured in terms of units or specific success criteria
    • achievable - the resources, scope and scale are within your capabilities
    • realistic - the objective is possible to attain
    • time bound - the period of time, target dates, schedule or time table is clearly defined
  3. Use words from your brief
    • specialist interest
    • analyse your competitors
    • manage your finances
  4. Justify the need for your proposal
    • who needs it?
    • why do they need it?
    • what evidence to support your argument?
    • what circumstances have created this need?
    • don't make empty statements
  5. Describe your audience
    • demographics
    • locations
    • lifestyles
    • which industry?
    • what values do they have?
    • why will they engage?
  6. Describe your motivations
    • what are your goals?
    • what are your ambitions?
    • what is your success criteria?
    • what are your values?
  7. Consider the reader
    • make proposal easy to read
    • profesional template
    • using appropriate tone
    • check grammar
    • no repetition
  8. Eliminate vagueness
    • words to avoid: unique, nice, special, bland, sleek, definitely, totally, I, really, good, bad, cool, individual, boring, interesting, maybe
  9. Visualise the ending
    • begin with your vision of the ending in mind
  10. Assume nothing
    • apart from the fact that the reader knows nothing about you
    • explain everything

My proposal


To do list:
  • look into unisex designs
  • research into colour, introduce limitations
  • further brand research
  • look into and research materials

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