Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Design for Print Interim Crit.

Points I wanted feedback on:
  • Do you think the A5 square format is appropriate? Why?
  • I am thinking of separating my book into a group of smaller ones, do you think this will be beneficial?
  • What do you think of my CMYK colour scheme? Does it look to garish?
  • I have decided to use 'chapter' illustrations, is this appropriate? Do I need more?
  • Do you think including a stock/finishes sample book will benefit the content of my publication?
  • What would you say are the strengths/weaknesses?

My feedback:

I found the feedback I received from this crit really beneficial as I was quite undecided about a few design choices and how I wanted to move on. My questions were directed strongly towards design decisions and wanting to see how my peers felt about them and if they had any alternative suggestions.
I am glad that my square format choice has gone down well and that people thought it was a good choice for my content. I was also considering to split up my content into individual books but it was suggested that it may still work better as just one because of my chosen colour scheme. My CMYK choice was also debated and it was said that lowering the opacity may give a less 'cliche' look, I am definitely going to experiment with this idea. In considerations binding was also brought up, which is something I hadn't thought much into yet so I will definitely look into this further.

My action plan:
  • Experiment with other type options
  • Look into lowing the opacity of CMYK colours
  • Research into possible binding options
  • Design sheets

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