Sunday, 11 November 2012

Design for Print Diagrams.

I was very particular about how I wanted my illustrations to look and as I felt this is one of my strengths I worked hard to push myself. I wanted them all to work cohesively as a sat so I ensured that they were as similar as I could get. Each individual illustration works to the same angle as all the rest, as if they were being looked at from the same angle. I am very glad that I didn't take the easy way out by not doing this as I think the end result as you flick through the pages will be strong. I have also continued the colour scheme that I have chosen for my title design.

Offset Lithography



Screen Print

Reworked Labelling

I have decided to change the labels to a key system as I think using the type with the illustration is to busy and takes away from it. I think these letters work a lot better in giving a simpliefied and clearer appearance.

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