Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Design for Web Scamp Crit.

Points I wanted feedback on:
  • What navigation style do you think works best and why?
  • Do you think the layouts allow for enough information/content?
  • What aspects from the designs do you think are the strongest and weakest?
  • For the homepage what content works best? e.g video/slide show/image and text?
  • Which is your favourite and why?

My Feedback:

Overall I am pleased with the feedback I've got as I find what has been mentioned very useful. I am glad that both like the circular design and have linked it with the topic of the moon and that it relates strongly with the content. They also stated that the they thought it was interesting and works well as focal point. A point I could consider for further development that was mentioned is images orbiting the moon. One thing that I though was interesting is how they thought two of my designs looked liked landing pages, this hadn't occurred to me before but maybe using them as this would be quite appropriate. With regards to content I have been advised against a video as it could be annoying and distracting and that a slideshow or image and text would be better, I think this is a valid point as with the circular design adding a video could be a bit much.

Things not to ask in questions:

  • Do not ask for validation in your questions - do you think it looks good?
  • Influencing the person answering - Is the colour scheme to corporate? Promoting them
  • Loaded questions
  • Questions explaining and justifying your design choices
  • Does it work? - what is it and what is work?
  • What would YOU change/do? - matter of opinion, people have different design ideas

Key points for good questions:
  • Be specific
  • Asking useful questions in a useful way
  • If asking a yes/no or either/or question always include 'why?'
  • Consider why you are asking the question: wanting direction or wanting praise?
  • Consider asking someone else to write the questions - outside view

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