Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Design for Web Scamp Designs.

These are my scamp designs for a website for my history of brief:

This was my initial design, I feel it the one that most looks like a standard website as the links are in standard positioning and the content of type and image are quite basic. Even though it might not be the most interesting I like the simple aspect and I think the target audience will find it familiar and therefore easy to navigate. Some improvements I might need to make for this is the positioning of the content, although this will be easier when I have a better idea of what that is going to be.

For my second design I have experimented with alternative navigation placement, I have introduced the shape of the moon with the curved line of links. The content has been extremely stripped down and I have just included a video that could play to introduce the site. Im not sure if I like the title of the website as much in this design as it seems quite separated from the rest of the layout, it could be included in the arched area at the bottom and replaced at the top by a more illustrative image.

Finally with my third design I took the moon idea a step further with the circular frame, although I like this I don't know how easy it will be to create so it is something I will have to look into further. I like how the links are around the outside as I think it helps to set it apart from other websites that are out there. I have now incorporated the title better by over laying it and incorporating it with the circle. For the content in this design I have used a slide show, this could contain pictures or typographic information.

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