Thursday, 8 November 2012

Responsive Workshop One - Brief Analysis.

Why have I chosen it?
  • because pattern and packaging design really appeals to me
  • haven't had much opportunity to develop my skills in this area yet
What do I want to get out of it?
  • develop my skills and knowledge
  • experience of working with a different style of brief
  • portfolio standard work
  • professionalism
  • recognition
What do you want to do/make?
  • a pattern design
  • packaging
  • make something using different materials
Why do you want to enter it?
  • challenge myself in a competitive setting
  • gain knowledge and skills
  • find it exciting and I think I will enjoy it
  • to win
What is the problem?
  • promote a new range
  • new product style and packaging needed
  • get more custom
What is it asking you to do about it?
  • do the designs
  • attract target audience
  • link all the aspects together
  • provide male and female options
What is it trying to achieve?
  • a design that will attract the target audience
  • a group of products/packaging that will work in a set
  • more money
What are the 10 most important words?
  1. pattern
  2. design
  3. purpose
  4. complimentary
  5. unique
  6. package
  7. buzz
  8. campaign
  9. promote
  10. customers
What is the message?
  • create/develop a pattern
  • apply it to a product range
  • aim at males and females
  • create linking packaging
  • promote it
Who is the audience?
  • male
  • female
  • students
  • technology buyers
  • parents
What is the context?
  • shop environment
  • online
  • travel/on the go
  • college/uni
  • work
What products are associated with it?
  • laptops
  • cases/bags
  • cameras
  • mouse mat
  • head phones
Points for a winning design:
  • innovative ideas
  • professional execution
  • originality
  • effective communication
  • meet the brief
  • meet submission guidelines
  • mind blowing visuals
  • quality of presentation
  • informed decisions 
  • question/push the brief
  • contextualisation
  • understand your audience
  • meet the deadline
What do you have to do?
  • produce a pattern design
  • apply it to products
  • produce relating packaging
  • appeal to target audience
What do you need to do?
  • produce high quality work
  • research into the brand
  • research into the target audience
  • meet the brief
  • meet the deadlines
What can you do?
  • meet the brief
  • push myself to produce something I am proud of
What could you do?
  • produce real examples
  • add textural embellishments to the designs
What hasn't been done before?
  • a bullet proof laptop case
  • a case that only opens with the owners fingerprints


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