Tuesday, 4 December 2012

ISTD Brief Analysis Workshop.

Chosen Brief: 10 Things you should know about

Five problems:
  1. unspecified audience
  2. wide range of categories
  3. no specified format
  4. publication and supporting material need to be created
  5. will have to do a lot of my own research

Five reasons why I want to solve them:
  1. I would like to target a specific group of people and tailor my design to suit them
  2. I would like to find a topic I can find interest in and get interesting ideas for outcomes
  3. layout etc is something I really want to develop and because it is open I can explore
  4. I would like to create a range of products
  5. I can develop my knowledge on a chosen topic

Five facts about your subject:
  1. inter-railing is one of the most popular ways to get around Europe
  2. holidays are often used as a time to relax
  3. back packing is very popular with students
  4. there are lots of caravan parks around the UK
  5. you can also travel via boat e.g cruises 

Five things I don't know:
  1. what are the most popular ways to travel?
  2. what are were holidays to 'butlins' etc most popular?
  3. who am I aiming this at?
  4. what other covers could I do... what are the topics?
  5. what format will work the best?

Five things about the audience:
  1. people looking for a new holiday experience
  2. people who are enthusiastic about travel
  3. people with the necessary funds to travel
  4. age from 16/17 +
  5. male and female

Five ideas I want to communicate:
  1. the different options of travel across the world/UK
  2. possible destinations
  3. different levels of holidays e.g from basic to five star
  4. prices for these different options
  5. opinions from people who have already done it

Five deliverables:
  1. book form publication
  2. corresponding website
  3. two linking additional covers
  4. poster
  5. set of information cards

Five points of distribution:
  1. travel agents
  2. airports
  3. railway/coach stations
  4. travel guide websites
  5. city self promotion websites

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