Wednesday, 5 December 2012

ISTD Concept Crit.

Rewritten brief:


Five things I still don't know about my content:

  1. previous holiday goers opinions on different holiday experiences
  2. what ten holiday topics I will focus on
  3. further details about different holiday types
  4. cheapest and most expensive holiday options
  5. possible imagery I could use to illustrate my topics

Five ways my audience could come in contact with my work:
  1. travel agents - handouts/posters
  2. airports/coach stations/train stations
  3. online travel guide websites
  4. gift shops
  5. within travel brochures

Five new problems:
  1. what should I narrow down my audience to?
  2. how shall I gather opinions?
  3. what formats will work best?
  4. what style of imagery should I use?
  5. what holiday topics shall I focus on?

Five reasons they need to be solved:
  1. so I can be more specific in my design choices and create more successful products
  2. so I can have a primary research aspect to my projects and it will benefit my audience
  3. so I can target and interest my audience in the best way
  4. so I can illustrate my information in an engaging yet clear outcome
  5. so I can cover a broad range of topics and cover my audiences interests

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