Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Communication Is A Virus Final Developments.

I have finally got round to designing some options for our groups final coffee sleeves, taking on the notes from our final crit I have created these. I have moved on the colour scheme from a single colour to multiple options, I have kept the theme of using different tones of bright colours for each sleeve though. I think this works successfully as it gives more variation whilst still appearing as a set. The sticker has also been moved on by adding some text that reads 'see reverse for daily smile challenge' that notifies the audience that this is an interactive as well as decorative piece. On the reverse I have added tasks using what we used on our calendars as inspiration, a smiling fact about smiling has also been included like on the coasters. I think doing something like this that the audience has to interact with will make it more memorable and enjoyable. I feel these developed versions will be a lot more successful because of the previous statement and it is also something they can do whilst travelling through their day which will hopefully pass it on to more people.

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