Thursday, 12 April 2012

3D Typography.

Here are some documentary photo's taken of our group me, Steph, Andy and Chris. We had the task of creating some three dimensional type using 3 plains. This means that the letter is only visible when you are looking straight on through the view finder, where as from other angles it looks like a group of floating boxes. We chose to make the letter 'k'. Our first piece that was the vertical block was the easiest but from there it got harder as it was difficult to get the correct angles whilst still keeping it in line with pieces that were already in place. The size of blocks and perspective also had to be considered. Our final piece that was the smallest gave us the most trouble as we had to create a line for it to hang from. I think we worked well as a team and created our installation well together and came over any difficulties we faced quickly.

A gif made by Andy that documents our progress through the task.

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