Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What Is A Line? Hot Dog Book Creation.

I have now started piecing my hot dog book together. I started by drawing out a grid so that I could get positioning correct. I created my pages on photoshop as I found it easier to get the clean edges I needed. I then arranged them into the layout, I was relieved when they all fitted correctly into their space.

Here are my pages in their final positions, I played around with where they were in order to balance the colours so there was a contrast on each. I also changed the bird pattern slightly as I felt that there was too much white space that didn't fit with the other pages.

Next I moved to my cover design. I started by choosing a typeface and layering the main aspects of my patterns over each other into the composition. Although I liked how they were all included I wasn't happy with how the shapes were protruding into the centre.

This is why I chose to make a clean border. I made a thinner one inside to create a graduation so that it wasn't so severe.

I felt the colours as a whole for the cover were to bold so I experimented with the opacity on both the inside and inside to give a more subtle appearance. I then completed my type I like the white space that surrounds it as it focuses the composition and exaggerates the clean and simple style.

This is my final developed cover where I have lowered the opacity of the white box in the centre. Even though I wrote previously that I didn't like the images going past the border, but I think here with them so light I like the effect the effect it gives as it isn't very overpowering. I have also kept the more simple version to use as the back cover.

 This is one completed side of the book, I am happy with how it has all fit together and I hope that when it's printed it will all fold correctly.

I then started on the poster that would go on the opposite side of the book. I wanted to include all the main aspects of the imagery from the pages. I started off with the circular shape lemur tail as I thought it would be a good base and from there I flowed outwards trying to use the colours so that it gave a smooth transition too. Getting the shapes in the right position and angle was harder than I expected. I then experimented with adding type to the composition as I wanted the audience to be able to read an explanation of the piece. Although I found that I didn't like how it compromised the look of the pattern, so I decided to keep it as the original and find somewhere else for the writing to go.

I have decided to change to back cover of the book so that it can accommodate the type. I feel this is a good decision as it fills the space well and allows the poster to remain image based.

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