Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Introduction to Web Design.

Purposes of a website
  • promotion
  • informing
  • persuasion
  • contact
  • (entertainment)

  • target audience
  • never everyone, even if it is a broad range of people

Defining factors of a website
  • user-ability - does it work well?
  • aesthetics - does it look good?
  • functionality - does it work?

  • design off screen

Group page ideas:
  • landing page (introduction to portfolio/slideshow)
    • argument against people should be able to choose where they want to look, audience could loose attention, unnecessary
    • top notch designers can maybe get away with it
    • why is it there? what is the point? if you can't justify it, don't have it
  • contact page
    • email
    • telephone
    • address - makes people more confident you exist
    • social networking - twitter, Facebook etc
    • shop - etsy, big cartel etc
    • the information you feel comfortable people having
    • information can also be put elsewhere
    • could be a footer rather than a separate page
  • bio/about page
    • where you studied
    • work placements
    • do people care?
    • can add quirky flavour
  • CV
    • selected work
    • clients - major companies can add professionalism
    • exhibitions
    • previous experience
    • education
    • timescale
    • if you're freelance a cv is maybe not necessary
    • can be creative to further promote your work, doesn't have to be the standard format
  • portfolio
    • examples of work
    • separated into different areas although could be too much clicking, time wasting, narrowing down starts to look smaller than it actually is
  • shop
    • buying prints
    • etsy store etc
  • blog
    • current projects
  • homepage
    • branding 
    • links
    • name 
    • job title
    • news/updates - shows you're an active designer
    • teaser - one image of design, thumbnails
    • could be minimalist, but people still need to be impressed by it, needs to be inspiring
    • manifesto
    • about information
  • fees
    • easy access for a potential client
    • could seem like you're only interested in money
    • most designers don't include because prices can vary so much, can depend on clients and type of job
  • categorisation is important

My design:

I based my design on ideas we had been taking about throughout the workshop and aspects I had noticed I liked on current websites I had seen during my research. I liked the idea of having a logo as a central piece of the design so I organised the navigation links around it. I selected pages that I thought would be relevant. I really liked the idea of the news feed that was suggested so I included it in the main section of the layout. I also included

My personal feedback:

Common feedback:
  • clean layout
  • unoriginal - good aesthetics but nothing special/stand out
  • navigation - should remain constant throughout the pages
  • scroll bars - unnecessary
  • redundant features
  • KISS - keep it simple stupid
  • grids - using this in the drawing stages will really help when you move onto digital
  • logo could be used as home link

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