Monday, 8 October 2012

Subject Matter Interests.

  1. The death of Neil Armstrong inspired me as I wanted to squash the rumours that the moon landing was a hoax, to protect his legacy for years to come.
  2. Space was a chosen topic because there are so many unanswered questions revolving around it that people can only speculate about, I like the mystery.
  3. The recent exploration to Mars has recently been in the news which made me even more curious about space.
  4. Apparently when the astronauts took off their helmets after their moonwalk, they noticed a strong smell, which Armstrong described as “wet ashes in a fireplace” and Aldrin as “spent gunpowder”. It was the smell of moondust brought in on their boots. This interests me because it something only a few people have ever experienced, I find it strange to imagine the smell on the moon.
  5. During my research as I read through lists of conspiracy theories and the beliefs found them I was amazed at how some were so outlandish but yet were still believed by so many people enough that they were convinced it was 100% true. On the other hand there are the theories that do have logical sense behind them and yet will probably never be proved either way. Therefore remaining a mystery.
  6. The Apollo computers had less processing power than a mobile phone. This amazes me that something that seems so everyday in this age has more power than something that sent a rocket successfully to the moon and back. This made me interested in the technology and whether it would have been powerful enough, maybe suggesting it was a hoax.
  7. I thought the design ideas surrounding space would be interesting to experiment with. The visuals appealed to me.
  8. I found some interesting facts about the moon landing such as how Armstrong and Aldrin left mementos behind, how they almost ran out of fuel, the mission was almost aborted and a speech was written for if the mission was unsuccessful and they didn't return.
  9. The fact that trips to the moon could soon be available and over time could become a normal event for people to be a part of.

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