Thursday, 18 October 2012

Typography Workshop One.

  • 1450's - type, books, printing. through to 1500
  • 1500, revolution across the world
  • Present day - new revolution, social, more opportunities, internet sharing
  • Labour costs for print are the most expensive aspect, exploit third world to reduce this cost
  • Need international paper sizes for this reason of print jobs being sent across the world
  • Never wasting paper if it fits inside a folded sheet of 'a' paper
  • Categorise type by weight, point size, serif, case, script/slab etc
  • Point size: 1 inch = 72pt, measure of metal the letter sits on

Type Personality Experiments

  • Write your name in a typeface that you think reflects your personality:

I chose this typeface 'Noteworthy' because I thought the hand written stye seemed very relaxed and approachable, that I like to think I am. It also could be interpreted as a bit unorganised that is sometimes part of my personality too.

  • Write your name in a typeface that reflects how you would want to be perceived:

For this next part I chose 'Lane Narrow'. I picked this because I think the clean lines help to make it look quite professional and a lot in a lot more control than the previous option, I also think that it being a light version makes it still seem unimposing and friendly.

There are a lot of tricks you can use in type to create different personas:

  • upper/lower case
  • bold
  • regular
  • italic
  • light

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