Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Packaging Crit.

My Feedback:

  • Duplex printing with interior pattern was a great idea. Contrasts with the simplistic white nicely.
  • Layout of logo very nice and inventive.
  • Colour scheme is very appropriate to the brand.
  • Products finished to a very high quality.
  • Interior print is highly effective.
  • Re-work of logo (type) looks nice on packaging, makes it more interesting and works across all products.
  • Placement of logo over products is varied and explored, works well on all products.
Areas for Improvement
  • Logo could have been done using pen tool instead of live trace (however not so noticeable when the logo is small)
  • If we had more time maybe use some 'pandora-y' stock to make it look more expensive.
  • Make sure the logo lines up with a grid or aligned with guides.
  • Build quality of packaging could be slightly better.
  • Could use better stock to portray company better.
I found the feedback from this crit really useful. I was glad that the double sided print was recognised and liked as it had something I had really considered. I am also pleased that the re-worked logo was appreciated as I had gone through a selection of designs to get to it. I definitely agree that an alternative stock could be better, if I was to print again I would choose something with a pearlescent effect.

Common group feedback:
  • craft quality of nets
  • set or range
  • stock quality
  • craft quality of the piece itself
  • alignment
  • details for sale

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