Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Monoprint Workshop.

I have recently taken part in a monoprinting workshop. It is something I have never done before and initially it took a while to get my head around as I didn't know the process.

We started off by getting a clean screen and drawing a design straight onto it, I used water colour paints, crayon and stamps. After finishing this stage the screen got set up ready to print. We used clear binder to transfer the design from the screen to the paper. With monoprinting you can only get a few prints before the colours and shapes begin to fade. After this section I ripped and cut out a paper stencil, this then got attached to the screen and I used a fluorescent orange ink to print with, I like how this part created a layered effect.

When looking through the samples you can tell which ones were the first to the printed as they are the most clear and bright. On the bright rainbow one the vibrant lines were created by the design getting transferred onto another piece of stock whilst I was painting it, I am very pleased with this one. If I was to take part in this process again I would do a very different design as I now have a much better understanding of the technique.

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