Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Promotional Material Crit.

Points I wanted feedback on:
  • Do you think the selection of type works well together?
  • What aspect of the design do you think is most successful?
  • What aspect of the design do you think is the least successful?
  • Do you think including more colour would improve the design, if so what colour?
  • Can you tell what the pieces are promoting?
  • What could be done to push the design creatively?
My Feedback
I found my feedback really helpful and it was good to be able to talk it through with the people that wrote it after. I am pleased that they found my content interesting and felt that the information linked well with the overall aesthetic. The illustrations were also something I worked hard on, so I glad that I received positive comments on them. Some helpful pieces of feedback were that relating to the ticket design, like adding it to a necklace to increase security because of the large price tag, which is something I hadn't considered before. Also I agree that adding foil areas would be effective for design and function.

Common points of feedback from the whole group:
  • Good clarity
  • Effective type
  • Questions and discussions re: context
  • Relevant colour/image
  • Originality of format
  • Range - does it work?
  • Relevant text
  • Spelling/grammar to be corrected
  • Composition
  • Originality of design.

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