Friday, 5 April 2013

UK Greetings Card Designs.

After looking through my hand drawn designs I have selected the props that I thought would be the most successful and applied them onto the digital drawings that I had already done. This was really fun and I enjoyed developing them. I wanted to keep the composition of the rest of the card quite simple as I felt that too much else would be to much so I decided on a paler shade of a main colour for the background and a simplistic type statement. I have stepped away from just doing cards 'from the dog' as I felt it narrowed down my audience greatly. Now my cards can be appropriate for not only dog owners but dog lovers too. Initially I felt that some of my colour choices may have to be considered, especially on the halloween and christmas designs. This is because I felt they didn't fit with the stereotypical themes for those occasions, although after some thought I decided that because of the quirky nature of designs, stepping away from the norm would fit.

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