Saturday, 6 April 2013

UK Greetings Card Inserts.

One of things stated in this brief was to consider the insert of the cards that would be made and I thought this would be a great opportunity to develop my pattern designs skills that I have started during this module. Because the backgrounds on the front of my cards are quite plain I wanted to insert contrast with a more busy inside that still linked with the theme of the outer design to give a cohesive look. I continued with the colour theme of each card and added a pop of a different tone to lift the design slightly. I drew five relating objects for each occasion and laid them out evenly across the composition. I feel that these backgrounds work really well and carry on the quirky feel. Because the patterns are quite bold even with the muted colour I have decided to add in a tracing paper insert that would lie over the design, this would allow the buyer to write their own message whilst the pattern still being able to be seen underneath.

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