Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What is Good? Initial Pattern and Colour Ideas.

I have started to collect initial drawings to inspire my pattern designs. I have taken these aspects from the photographs that I collected previously. I have experimented with a selection of shapes and line thicknesses to create different effects. Some designs are more relatable to the original images whilst others are more abstract interpretations.

I think these shapes have worked really successfully and I like hoe they abstractly represent the image. How the pieces stack on top of each other also creates an interesting composition. I think these shapes will work well as a repeat and also deconstructed to create other shapes. I feel this colour scheme also works well. I feel the orange and brown mix really compliment each other and the introduction of the pink adds a lift to the palette.

This shape is a loose interpretation of one of the shapes found within this temple. I like the angular lines and how they work at right angles, this keeps the design consistent. I think a lot of these shapes would work together well in a jigsaw concept. The use of dots also helps to break up the otherwise, blocky, appearance. With the colours I think the mix of orange hues and a blue/grey tone is very complimentary and has a relaxing feel.

This shape is the most similar to the original image and I like the detail it conveys of the Balinese structure. I feel that a design like this would not work well as a repeated design but more of a focal point of a composition. I like the zesty feel of this colour scheme as I think it represents well the green, lush look of the Balinese environment. Again the bright pink, taken from the flowers, adds a needed pop of colour and contrast.

This shape was inspired by the intricate carvings on Balinese architecture. I like the curved lines as I think they are a change from most of the designs I have drawn so far. I have added more embellishments to this design as I wanted to enhance the decorative aspect. I feel that this palette has a very luxury theme, with very sumptuous colours.

I feel that this shape has quite an abstract appearance, because of the form and use of different line thicknesses and dots. I think the symmetrical appearance looks good and would work well as a repeated pattern. This colour scheme features pastels that appear in the photograph. Even though I think the tones work well together, I prefer the more vibrant hues as I believe they represent the island better.

This design is a very different shape from the rest, which could be helpful when trying to incorporate the pieces together. I also like the introduction of other shapes to add detail to the image. This palette is based very strongly around reds, but I feel that this could maybe be to monotonous. 

Finally this is the only pattern that I have done which inspired by Bali's iconic rice field landscape. I like the change when it comes to the free flowing lines but I think this particular examples looks messy and needs development to clean this up. With more work I could see this going around the outside of a plate or bowl. The colours here have a very refreshing feel because of the fresh tones, I think this works well.

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