Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What is Good? Rationale.

The Brief

A collection of Balinese inspired homeware

To create a luxury homeware collection inspired by Bali. I will be influenced by the shapes, textures and colours of Balinese architecture and will apply these to the products. I will create a range of items including wallpaper, soft furnishings and crockery pieces that will be displayed across a variety of formats such as a catalogue, website and app. I will also experiment with creating an on shelf presence and look into packaging design. To develop my practical skills I will incorporate some relevant processes into my work that relates to Balinese design. These will be foiling, to reflect the use of gold to adorn items of pride, embossing to incorporate textures and laser cut to exaggerate shape and form.

Target Audience

Men and women but prominently women as they are the most common gender to but these kind of products and usually have the control over how a family home is decorated. They will have a disposable income that allows them to buy more expensive options of products, where buying luxury and high quality products is important to them. They will also be interested in having uniquely designed products that gives their home a different look and stand out from more neutral items.


I will have to consider existing products and how they incorporate colour and texture into their products to give me inspiration. I will also have to recognise things that they don't have in order to make my items stand out to the audience. I will also look into these companies brands and how they display themselves to the audience and what type of people they attract.


My background research will be into Bali itself and predominately image based to help inspire pattern designs and colour schemes. For more direct research I will look into catalogue and web design to influence what I need to include in my own and how to lay them out so that they are clear for the audience to use. It will also help me to realise what formats and other aspects that will help it be more successful.

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