Saturday, 20 April 2013

What is Good? Concept Workshop.

On Wednesday we got into groups and we each presented three concepts to the others. I found this process very helpful and it was interesting to see what everyone had come up with as every theme was different. Here are three concepts that I presented:

Concept One:

Publication - Journey across the island, traveling to different points of architecture

  • architecture/temples
  • Balinese family home
  • natural aspects - wildlife
  • landscapes - volcanoes/rice fields
Will use techniques such as embossing and foiling to accentuate the textures and design style of the culture.

Concept Two:

Brand/create a resort/hotel/spa

Based in London it would be an experience and themed hotel where residents could get a feel for the island and its culture and customs.

Would create:
  • logo/branding
  • hotel ephemera
  • artwork
  • promotion

Concept Three:

Create a selection of greetings cards, accessories and stationary inspired by Balinese landscapes, architecture and dance/costume.

  • cards
  • gift wrap
  • gift boxes
  • gift tags
  • pens
  • notebooks
Would also include related processes such as foiling, embossing and laser cut. To enhance the design of products and also to give them a luxury and high end look and feel.

After discussing my ideas a lot of points were raised and people had a lot of different opinions on why certain concepts were better. Some preferred the publication as they liked how the processes would enhance the design and it also gave me the chance to look into new techniques. Although it was argued that I had already done a lot of publications and gift cards and that I should experiment with something different like the hotel. Although after some discussion a new concept was decided that incorporated different aspects from each:

Re-worked Concept:

Create a home wear collection inspired by Bali. It would include western items with an Indonesian influence. I would also create a catalogue/look book that would display the collection, the processes discussed previously could also be used. I could also look into web and promoting the products that way as well.

  • Dining
    • plates
    • cutlery
    • table mats
    • table cloths
  • Bathroom
    • tiles
  • General
    • wall paper
    • cushions
    • curtains
  • Bedroom
    • duvets
    • quilts
    • pillows

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