Monday, 28 November 2011

How To... Initial Ideas.

The first part of the workshop today was to take our problem research and compile twenty facts. Here is How to change gear smoothly top twenty facts...

  1. There is a set process for changing gears in a car: take foot off accelerator, put foot on clutch, change gear, swap peddles back.
  2. Always keep your eyes on the road.
  3. Simultaneous action.
  4. Let the gear shift pause as it crosses through neutral.
  5. Sometimes you will need to change to a lower gear for overtaking.
  6. Closely related to revs.
  7. Different people have different approaches to tackling it. For example, speed.
  8. Takes practice to master smoothly.
  9. Gears will need to be changed at different speeds.
  10. Different gears have different functions and qualities.
  11. Block changing is useful when changing gears. It is when you go through without stopping at each individual gear.
  12. Avoid 'snatching', changing gear with too much force.
  13. Low gears provide lots of acceleration.
  14. High gears provide speed.
  15. Releasing the clutch rapidly can result in rapid forward weight transfers.
  16. Releasing the clutch smoothly and moderating the throttle is essential to prevent wheel spin.
  17. Never change gear mid corner.
  18. In most vehicles the four gears form a 'H' appearance.
  19. The gear lever will automatically spring to neutral when not in gear.
  20. The sound of the engine will tell you when to change gear.
We then moved on to creating simple information graphics here is the first one I made using simple symbols to document moments of my life across a timeline...

After we moved on to taking our previous facts, choosing five and then portray them using a similar technique. I firstly drew it out by hand and then developed my design on Illustrator...

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