Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Proverbally Yours Message and Delivery Final Designs.

Here is my final design for my poster, I am happy with it as I think the colour and composition work well together to create a lot of impact. I think the colour works well because I think it segregates the different pieces of information well and helps the audience to focus on the main areas. I think my imagery has been successful I like the use of the tattooed man as I think it really links with the genre and will be easily recognisable and appealing to the audience. I am also happy with my gun icon as it is a strong visual cue for the theme and I think that the dashed line representing a shot has been a good way to link the two images and to also act as a way to separate the poster and the information.

This is the reverse side of my poster and when folded will act as the envelope. I wanted to keep the design really simple. I chose black for the envelope as it is unusual and will get the audiences attention before they've even seen what's inside. I also continued with the same typeface to help with continuity.

Here is my mailing list. I have continued along the same idea very strongly just duplicating my imagery and continuing with the same font style. I chose my subjects for my mailing from searching on google, I looked for youth offending units in the Leeds area. I picked these as my audience as it is quite possibly something that they could have been or been tempted to be involved in so my poster would act as a persuasive tool to keep them away from it.

Here are some photo's of my final designs...

I decided to print these image on cartridge paper as I like the texture, I especially like the effect this gives with the black ink as it has a weathered and interesting appearance. I had quite a few problems with printing as it took me a while to get the settings right with the paper thickness and double sided format. Initially I was printing both sides in the same session, although this didn't work well. I then had to do each side individually which gave a smoother coverage of ink. I also had a problem where I would print and a green outline would appear around the tattooed figure, it would always be in different  thicknesses. I asked the technician about but he couldn't work out why it was happening so it was just a process of trial and error.

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