Monday, 7 November 2011

Proverbally Yours Message and Delivery Initial Ideas.

On Monday we received a new brief, but before we knew what it was  each of us given a profession from the randomiser, the one that came out for me was 'rapper.' After finding this out we then had to research it and find out some facts...

  1. The word 'rapping' has been used in British English since the 16th Century and specifically meaning 'to say' since the 18th.
  2. Refers to someone who performs spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics.
  3. Pay can vary from rapping for change on street corners to getting millions of dollars.
  4. Jay-Z's earnings in 2010 were an estimated $63million.
  5. Stereotypical hip-hop fashion is established sportswear, bomber jackets and heavy gold chains.
  6. Rap comes from The Bronx in New York.
  7. Rappers also earn a lot of money from their merchandise as well as they're music.
  8. There is more than one technique that rappers use to rhyme.
  9. Well known rappers include: 2Pac, Notorious, Eminem etc.

We then received the brief...

I think this is going to be a difficult brief for me as I think it will be hard to link my proverb and profession together. Here are some initial ideas that I came up with for this...

Here are some icons that I made quickly on Illustrator. I did them to give a basic idea of what I could do if my design needed it. I like how they are simple yet still puts the idea across...

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