Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Ittens Seven Contrasts.

Contrast of Tone...
  • Juxtaposition of light and dark/monochrome values.
  • Orange is a lighter tone or red and grey is a lighter tone of black.
  • Colours like red and blue have a large tonal contrast.
Contrast of Hue...
  • The greater the distance between colours on the colour wheel, the greater the contrast.
Contrast of Saturation...
  • Light and dark values and their relative saturation.
Contrast of Proportion...
  • Weight of colour.
  • Dark is heavy, white is light.
  • A good example of this is violet and yellow which fight for hierarchy. A small amount of yellow can balance a larger amount of violet.
Contrast of Temperature...
  • Warmth of colour.
  • Red is warm, blue is cool.
Complimentary Contrast...
  • Every pure colour has one complimentary.
  • If a colour is without its complimentary the eye will attempt to generate it.
Simultaneous Contrast...
  • Merging of colours.
  • High contrast against low.
  • In the same field of view multiple contrasts can happen.

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