Friday, 18 November 2011

Proverbally Yours Message and Delivery Feedback Response.

From my feedback it was suggested that I could develop the outer layer of my design, so I have gone back and reworked my initial idea...

With this image I decided to try and replicate my title text from the poster. Although I came to find that even though it worked successfully on a larger scale after it had been scaled down the appearance was not as attractive and the readability of the address, something very important for an envelope, has been compromised.

This is the most subtle of my changes and I think it is the one I like most. I like how the added lines link with the poster and carry on across the composition framing the address.

This is my final adaptation. I positioned the additional typography so it would fall across the fold. I did this so not all of the text would be visible to hopefully not distract from the address already there. I also think it is interesting viewing the tattoo design without the body.

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