Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Colour Theory Basics.

Yesterday we had out first workshop on colour theory, I found it interesting as it is something i haven't looked into much before. We were all told to bring in objects from home, five examples from each colour: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. We grouped them into colours and then arranged them so they blended to each colour next to it, my groups colour was violet. These were the results...

I think the end result looks really effective, especially with how they blend so succesfully together.

After doing this we went back to our assigned colour. We had to pick an object that we thought had the purest tone and then create three gradients of hue, brighter and darker. This is our outcome...

We also looked into Pantone, here are my favourite Pantone colours for each...

Red: PANTONE Rubine Red M
Orange: PANTONE 137 C
Yellow: PANTONE 108 M
Green: PANTONE Green  0921U
Blue: PANTONE DS229-3 C
Violet: PANTONE DS164-1 C

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