Monday, 30 January 2012

Final Zines.

I have finally finished all of my zines I am pleased with the end results. The first one I made took the longest but after that I found the others flowed faster because I already had a base design. I think the front covers look good together and I would like to carry on a similar consistency with my postcards. The biggest challenge I faced was creating the imagery as I find Illustrator the hardest programme to use, I found that as I made my way through doing so became easier which I think will be beneficial for further work. I really enjoyed laying out my information and creating a balanced composition, for this project I was using InDesign for the first time. I found the workshop we did for it very helpful as I felt quite confident going into it for these. I am glad I had that experience before I started my zines as I probably would have used another programme that would have made the process more difficult and less successful. I am happy with the overall appearance of these pieces as I think they fit the notebook appearance I was going for. I enjoyed scanning in different samples of paper and tape and I think they work well in adding interest and highlighting aspects of my layout.

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