Monday, 16 January 2012

Frame and Format Pattern Ideas.

Pattern One.
I have chosen this image as inspiration for one of my patterns. I find the shape really interesting and I like how the circles interact with the 'A.' This is an idea that I would like to experiment with.

I made two final variations of this design. I like the top version the best because it emphasises the contrast between the shapes more with the use of thicker line.

Pattern Two.
I then focused on this photograph. I chose it because I thought it was an interesting structure, I really wanted to recreate it simply to give an attractive pattern.

I initially drew one representation of the shape and then duplicated it across the page. I played with linking the lines together to give a more dynamic composition. It was a challenge transferring my initial design to Illustrator and a few changes had to be made but I think it has made a successful outcome.

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