Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Survey Results.

For my research and to gather some statistics and primary sources I created this survey on my topic of student life. Some of the results were what I expected while some others proved contradictory.
 This was a positive sign in my investigation as it showed I am researching a topic that my audience feels positively about and will react well and fondly too.

 The results for this question were quite even, demonstrating a broad range of reasons to experience university. Social life appeared quite high which is something that I would have expected. Also, with only one participant choosing 'other' shows that I have identified the choices the audience would make quite well.

With this answer I think it shows that maybe students could need additional support and advice. As with such a monumental step children may want to ask their parents for help, but if over half of parents haven't experienced then the guidance they give could be quite limited, this is somewhere my product could step in.

A strong majority of the students I surveyed stayed in student halls. This could have been through choice or lack of knowledge about other areas.

Students are stereotypically messy and dirty, through this question I wanted to see if this was the case. From this small sample it turns out they're not.

The majority of participants have a student loan, which shows it is a very popular option for funding. Although from personal experience it's a stressful process and an opportunity to give guidance.

Pretty much an equal response for this question.

From all the budgets on option only the lower choices were picked, showing that students may need help budgeting what they spend.

 This question is slightly less than I expected from the stereotype that students spend their life in a drunk and hungover haze. Students could be more responsible than people think.

From this answer it shows that people get drunk more than they go out, maybe pre-drinking and house parties is something I could look further into.

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