Monday, 6 February 2012

Photoshop Brief Construction.

This is the process I went through to create this set of postcards. Initially I decided on my chosen image to use and applied a texture on top and played with the opacity so the initial picture still showed through.
I then altered the settings of hue/saturation and brightness/contrast to give a more vibrant appearance that was more in sync with my chosen colour scheme.
Afterwards I used the eraser tool on a low opacity to remove areas of the top layer to make the image more prominent, on some areas I didn't remove very much in order for the texture to still show above.
Next I did some experimentation with type, looking at colour, font, placement and opacity. Because of the shape of the image it was difficult to create balance so it took a few attempts.
Finally I added to parallel, vertical lines just to break up the strong colour in the composition.

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