Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Photoshop Brief.

These are my final A5 postcards for the Photoshop brief. I initially chose the colour purple as a starting point, so from there I had to use images from my colour theory work, which were ones of this monkey keyring. To begin with I was unsure whether they would be suitable as they did't have a very sophisticated appearance. Even though I decided to continue with some experiments anyway to see how it would turn out, which I am glad that I did. I chose to harness the fun, laid back quality of the subject by using bright and contrasting colour to emphasise the purple and give an exciting look. I really like how the texture has been incorporated as well because it creates a variety of tones and pattern. The type was an addition that came at the end, as I was working my way through the editing I kept thinking of common sayings linked with monkeys and decided to incorporate them into the piece. I'm happy with the finishing touch this gives along with the lines to create balance. I hope printing goes well to justify the vibrant colour.

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