Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Final 100 Things Photos.

Here are some final images of my final pieces! I am really with how they have printed out apart from one small problem of one of the zines being slightly smaller than the other three. Annoyingly I didn't notice the fault until I started cutting out the paper a few days after printing and with problems in the print room I was unable to get a space because I hadn't booked a print slot. Even though it is still visible how my pieces work as a set and I think the consistency works well. To begin with I was nervous about the double sided printing incase it was really out of line, but it was all fine. I think my favourite pair is the 'students and finance' because I really like the contrast between pastel and burnt orange and I think the repeat pattern of the imagery looks attractive. From seeing all my pieces in a group I am happy with my colour scheme as I think each tone compliments well.

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